Why us?

What is The Workshop? 

The Workshop ™ is a socio-constructivist and progressive program (School) for boys and girls age 1.5 – 14 years old. ( Toddlers – 9th Grade ), which transforms all the ideals of a traditional school education and breaks through the “old-fashion” idea of memorization of data and individual discourse to “show” students learning progression.  Three hundred twenty students attend our program every day, taught by well trained teachers that support their learning development and abilities. Our program has Spanish Language teachers, as well as bilingual and Native English teachers that teach different subjects to different groups throughout the day.

A common school day is divided into two blocks: 3 hours of Spanish lectures and 3 hours of English lectures.

The Workshop´s program, proposes a socio-constructivist environment and method that has evolved year after year through observing and registering students learning processes.

Parallel to the program, an organizational system was created to help optimize timing and goals achievement. The system divides the semester in eight weeks in which proposals are distributed. This system allows teachers to work freely through their objectives without the need to jump from one skill to the other, integrating only the needed skills simultaneously in order to produce good results by using collaborative work among students and the teachers.

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Why Should I Attend The Workshop?

  1. To achieve social development. Beginning by understanding self-respect and towards others; by understanding ethics and though diversity, my feelings and how others think and feel.
  2. To strengthen values and positive communication.
  3. To be part of a respectful, ethic, creative, dynamic group of people that easily accepts criticism, ideas and feedback.
  4. To be carefully listened to without judgment, receiving constructive feedback, respect for my ideas, affection.
  5. So that my ideas are explored and used in projects supported by clear contributions of my peers and teachers.
  6. To learn how to learn.
  7. To work in collaboration, to create, to construct, to use my senses, to be tolerant, to solve conflict in a proper manner.
  8. To recognize and respect individual characteristics, both personal and cultural.
  9. To develop abilities to succeed. To recognize that I can achieve any goal using my own unique abilities. To understand that practicing my abilities will make me a better human being.
  10. To develop reading comprehension skills, and use them to investigate, research and become a more capable student.
  11. To become a better world´s citizen, a well prepared individual that can share knowledge with others.
  12. To be able to search for precise information through a detailed observation of my environment, using analytical thinking processes and problem resolution skills.
  13. To comprehend and learn the use of technology and social media as a research tool, that opens borders of information that can be applied in our daily school-work and life.
  14. To become an autonomous student, conscious of my needs to achieve the set goals.
  15. To comprehend what constructivism is and how to apply it to daily challenges through exploration, analysis, observation and research.
  16. To comprehend that life has a meaning, where my senses, values and ethics are beneficial for myself and others that surround me; my family, friends, community, earth…